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What we are about:
The Lincoln Christian Meditation Group is a local group that meets weekly at St Hugh's Church in Lincoln City Centre for meditation and social time together.  The meeting is on Wednesday lunchtime.  The group is ecumenical and welcomes Christians of different denominations and people from different faiths, or of no specific faith, who would like to meditate with us.  The aim of the group is to provide a safe, respectful environment where people can come to meet God in silence.
The purpose of this website is to give information about meditation, about attending meetings with the local group and links to other meditation groups, both Christian and of other faiths, in the Lincoln area.
Everyone is welcome to come and try meditation.  The information on this website is not comprehensive and we do not claim to be experts, but we hope it will give you encouragement and inspire you to try meditation for yourself.
The opinions given here are not official guidance from any one Christian denomination.