Why meditate?...

In meditation, we are committing ourselves to the present moment.  Life is in the present.   This is where we meet God.
Our lives are frequently busy, and our minds are generally full of thoughts and plans.  We can be distracted by the surface features of our life. There is sometimes little time left for the God who is waiting for us at the centre of our being. 
Even when we pray we are often making this or that request, for our own needs or in order to change other people. 
Sometimes we think we know just how the world should be! 
By sitting in silence for a short time, we can turn our attention gently to the fact of God's presence and be open to His Spirit.
 And in meditation we open ourselves to change as we sit quietly before God.
By meditating, we can become more connected with the reality of our daily lives and our communities.  We begin to feel a greater sense of belonging and connectedness.  We live more compassionately, understanding others better.  We begin to feel free.